Terms and Conditions


The full terms and conditions are listed on the pages linked below. In essence, the customer:
  • will pay the charges that are due
  • will not do anything illegal or immoral with the service
  • will keep all passwords confidential and notify us immediately in the event of compromise
  • will not store files on the server that are not part of the web site
  • will not run services that are accessed by other web sites
  • agrees to receive relevant emails from Inglepine Software Ltd
  • will give 30 days notice of termination of contract (this means that you will be due to pay the next year's fees if you do not cancel more than 30 days before the end of the current year)
  • will comply with the terms and conditions of the relevant naming authority (don't pick a domain name that is likely to mislead people, your name and contact details may appear on the public database of domain names)
  • and Inglepine Software Ltd:
  • will use reasonable endeavour to provide a reliable service as agreed
  • with the following limitations:
  • if the customer uses more than 5% of the processing power of the server then an alternative solution will have to be found
  • mailboxes which are unused for more than 100 days will be deleted
  • The above summary does not form part of the terms and conditions.

    Detailed Terms and Conditions

  • Inglepine Software Ltd Terms and Conditions for hosting.
  • Nominet Terms and Conditions (for UK domain names).
  • For historical reasons, we use multiple registrars for .com .org and .net domain names. If you wish to know the exact terms that apply to your domain name, please contact us. However, if you satisify the Inglepine terms, you are extremely unlikely to have any issues with the domain name terms.

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